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Brittany Pettersen

Democratic Candidate for Colorado's 7th Congressional District

Brittany Pettersen is a lifelong Coloradan who has lived in Jefferson County nearly her entire life. Brittany is running for Congress because Colorado families who already have it tough are under assault by President Trump and the Republican Congress, who are destroying the lifelines families need to create better lives for themselves.

Unlike the politicians in Washington, Brittany knows first-hand the challenges facing Colorado families, and she knows what it takes to overcome those obstacles. Raised in a family that struggled with substance abuse and economic hardship, Brittany had to grow up fast and help raise her two younger brothers. She started working at the age of 12 cleaning houses and took odd jobs whenever they were available to get by. She’s been working hard ever since.

Despite these challenges, Brittany became the first member of her family to graduate from high school and college, working two jobs to pay the way. Brittany knows that much of her success can be attributed to the great teachers and schools in Jefferson County. She understands the importance of a strong public education because of the opportunities Jeffco schools provided for her.

While Donald Trump and his followers in Washington continue their assault on Obamacare, Medicaid, our public schools, and try to turn the economy over to Goldman Sachs, Brittany has been working to put more Coloradans on the path to a secure middle class life.

Brittany has dedicated her life and career to fighting for regular people and ensuring that opportunity is available to all Coloradans. She has become a leader in education, sponsoring legislation to support our most vulnerable kids and help more Colorado families afford college. Brittany understands the challenges that working families face and has sponsored bills to help parents find affordable childcare and save for retirement.

In addition to educational and economic opportunity, she is also a leader on women’s issues, passing laws to protect a woman’s right to choose and make her own healthcare decisions. Brittany has also worked to improve transparency in state government so that Coloradans know how their tax dollars are spent.

“The threat from Donald Trump and the Republicans in Congress is real. We need leaders in Washington that understand tough times and what it takes to overcome those challenges. I will stand up to Donald Trump and make sure regular people have a voice.”

-Brittany Pettersen


In The News

DENVER POST: For one Colorado lawmaker, the state’s drug abuse problem is personal

Brittany Pettersen earlier this month arrived home from a town hall meeting with voters to find her mother outside slumped in a chair.

“I thought she was dead,” said Pettersen, a state lawmaker.

She rushed to the hospital thinking once again her mother overdosed on heroin. Only weeks earlier, her mother had suggested she didn’t have long to live.

This time was a scare, the doctors said. But days later, recounting the story at a coffee shop near the Capitol, Pettersen was still shaken.


Pettersen Calls on AFP to End Misleading Ads

Brittany Pettersen today called on Americans for Prosperity to stop playing politics in a Democratic primary and to stop running ads intended to mislead Coloradans about Donald Trump’s dangerous agenda for public schools.

“AFP is running ads falsely claiming that Donald Trump’s agenda is working in Colorado schools,” said Pettersen. “The truth is that teachers, parents and legislators worked hard this year to stop efforts that would defund and seriously damage public schools in Colorado.”

In addition to false claims about policy, the AFP ads claim support from elected officials who actually oppose efforts to cut public education.

“I oppose every part of the AFP/Donald Trump agenda that would cut billions from public education,” Pettersen said. “My fellow legislators and I worked to overcome AFP this year and improve funding for students – and I’ll always fight for quality public schools for Colorado kids.”

CBS DENVER: Lawmaker Reveals Mother’s Addiction In Hopes Of Helping Others

A state lawmaker has opened up about the most private and painful part of her life as she fights for laws aimed at addressing the opioid epidemic.

Rep. Brittany Pettersen, a Democrat representing Lakewood, was just six years old when her mom became addicted to prescription painkillers and later heroin.

Nearly three decades later, Pettersen is talking about it publicly for the first time.


5280: “Sometimes You Have to Build a Wall Around Your Heart”

The 9 a.m. meeting on Tuesday had turned into a 10 a.m. meeting on Friday, which became a 9 a.m. meeting on Monday. Stacy answered the phone each time, and each time, she apologized. “Something came up,” she’d say. She had to walk her dogs. She slept too late. She forgot. “Heroin users aren’t the most punctual,” her daughter jokes.

Stacy Pettersen was receiving methadone treatment at a clinic a few miles from her government-subsidized apartment in Englewood. The dosing was still off, and she’d begun vomiting and feeling the intense agony of withdrawal. It had been more than a month since she last used heroin, the longest she’d gone without since she’d first tried the drug five years earlier. Despite pain so terrible she considered killing herself, she tried to remain hopeful. But it was difficult. Now she was entering the stage of recovery she worried she’d never be able to complete.


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